Enkibenki TV (Multfilmebi qartulad)

Introduction to Enkibenki TV

Enkibenki TV has emerged as one of the leading children's television channels in Georgia. Known for its engaging content, colorful characters, and commitment to education, it has been the go-to channel for kids and parents alike.

Popular Shows on Enkibenki TV

From animation to live-action, Enkibenki TV offers a variety of shows that cater to different age groups:

Show Name Age Group
Magic Mountains 🏔️ 4-6 years
Robot Riddles 🤖 7-9 years
Adventures of Tiko 🐦 10-12 years

Viewer's Comments

"My daughter loves Enkibenki TV, especially the 'Magic Mountains' show. It's not just entertaining but also educative." - Mariam, mother of a 5-year-old.

"The diversity of shows on this channel is commendable. From teaching about nature to science, it's the complete package!" - Giorgi, father of two.

FAQ Section

Q: How can I subscribe to Enkibenki TV?

A: You can subscribe through your local cable operator or via online streaming platforms associated with Enkibenki TV.

Q: Are there any shows in English?

A: Yes, select shows offer English dubbing or subtitles for our international viewers.

Q: How often are new shows introduced?

A: Enkibenki TV introduces new shows or seasons every quarter, ensuring fresh content for its audience.

Behind The Scenes at Enkibenki TV

The magic of Enkibenki TV doesn't just happen. There's a dedicated team of creators, animators, writers, and producers who work tirelessly to bring imaginative worlds to life. 🎥

Interactive Segments

One of the standout features of Enkibenki TV is its interactive segments. Kids get a chance to participate in live quizzes, talent shows, and even suggest ideas for new episodes! 🎤🎨

Parental Control Features

Understanding the concerns of parents in today's digital age, Enkibenki TV offers robust parental controls. This ensures that kids only watch age-appropriate content, giving parents peace of mind. 🔒

Viewer's Questions

Nino asks: "Can I visit the Enkibenki TV studio?"

A: Enkibenki TV occasionally organizes studio tours for schools and fan groups. Keep an eye on our official website for announcements! 🎟️

David wonders: "How can I voice a character on one of the shows?"

A: Enkibenki TV holds annual auditions for new talents. If you're interested, you can submit your voice samples when the auditions are announced. 🎙️

Merchandise and More!

Due to popular demand, Enkibenki TV has launched a range of merchandise. From action figures to school bags, kids can now take a piece of their favorite show with them wherever they go! 🛍️

Future Plans

Enkibenki TV has big plans for the future. From venturing into movies to launching a dedicated app for interactive learning and fun, the sky's the limit! 🚀


As Enkibenki TV continues to grow and evolve, its commitment to creating quality content for children remains unwavering. With a mix of fun, learning, and interactivity, it's no wonder that it's Georgia's top choice for kids' entertainment!