Mega TV

About Mega TV

Mega TV, a prominent television channel in Georgia, has over the years carved a niche for itself by broadcasting a wide range of programs tailored to its diverse audience. Its name is synonymous with quality entertainment in the Georgian television industry.

The Evolution of Mega TV

Since its inception in the early 2000s, Mega TV has undergone significant transformations. From being a small regional channel, it has grown to be one of the most-watched TV channels in Georgia.

Programming Highlights

Mega TV offers a rich tapestry of shows, ranging from drama, reality shows, talk shows, news bulletins, and much more. The channel's commitment to its viewers is evident in the variety and quality of content it broadcasts.

Time Slot Program Name Genre
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM The Mega Hour Talk Show
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Georgian Stories Drama

Viewer Comments

🎤 Mariam: "Mega TV is my go-to channel after a long day at work. Their evening dramas are a perfect blend of emotion and entertainment."

📺 Lasha: "I love how Mega TV brings a mix of traditional and modern shows. It reflects the true essence of Georgia."

Technical Aspects

Understanding that the future is digital, Mega TV has invested heavily in its technical infrastructure. Whether it's the clarity of the broadcast or the sound quality, Mega TV ensures its viewers get the best experience.


Q: How can I subscribe to Mega TV?
A: Mega TV is available on most cable providers in Georgia. Contact your local provider for details.

Q: Are there any mobile apps for streaming?
A: Yes, Mega TV has its dedicated mobile application available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Q: How can I be a part of the audience for 'The Mega Hour' talk show?
A: You can apply through their official website or the mobile app under the 'Join Audience' section.

Special Programs and Festivals

Mega TV is renowned for its special coverage during Georgian festivals and national events. Every year, during Tbilisoba and the Alilo parade at Christmas, the channel has exclusive programs that highlight the cultural essence of these events.

Mega TV and its Social Impact

Over the years, Mega TV has not just been an entertainment source; it has played a pivotal role in bringing about social change through its thought-provoking programs and documentaries. The channel has consistently advocated for social justice, education, and environmental conservation.

Popular Faces of Mega TV

Mega TV boasts a plethora of talent. Some of Georgia's most renowned TV personalities have graced the channel with their presence, bringing a mix of experience and innovation.

🌟 Nino: With her impeccable interviewing skills on 'The Mega Hour', Nino has become a household name.

🎬 Giorgi: Known for directing some of the most iconic episodes of 'Georgian Stories', his storytelling technique is unmatched.

Future Endeavors

As Mega TV continues its journey, it aims to embrace more digital platforms, focusing on reaching a global audience. With plans to launch web series and exclusive digital content, the future looks promising for this Georgian television giant.

FAQ SECTION (Continued)

Q: Does Mega TV offer dubbed international shows?
A: Yes, Mega TV offers a selection of international shows dubbed in Georgian for its audience.

Q: Are there job opportunities at Mega TV?
A: Certainly! Mega TV is always on the lookout for fresh talent. Job openings are regularly posted on their official website.

Q: How can I provide feedback on shows?
A: Feedback can be provided via their official website, mobile app, or through their social media channels.